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Frequently asked question

Money got deducted but i have not recieved my recharge

This could happen due to any of the following reasons:
  1. Sometimes due to technical reasons, we might not receive a response from the bank for your payment request. As a result, we do not get to know the status of your payment transaction and hence assume it to be a failed payment . For such cases the recharge is not processed by us.

  2. Sometimes the banks give us a response that your payment transaction has failed, even if the payment transaction was actually successful. For such cases the recharge is not processed by us as we assume it to be a failed payment.

  3. Sometimes when we send a recharge request to the mobile operator, we receive a confirmation from the mobile operator that your recharge has been successfully processed, even though the recharge transaction had actually failed. Whenever you face this issue that your money got deducted but you didn’t receive the recharge, just send us an email at mentioning the mobile number, recharge amount and transaction date. We’ll either immediately process your recharge or initiate an instant refund for your transaction as per your.

Got zero balance or less than expected balance ?

The talktime that you receive after doing a recharge on is defined by the mobile operator and we have no control over it. Different recharge values give different amounts of talktime. Sometimes, the recharge value the recharge value that you enter could be a special recharge that might give you free sms, free data usage or reduced call rate without giving you any talktime. It is recommended that for all such cases, you may check directly with your mobile operator’s customer care.

My recharge was successfull,but i have not yet recieved my recharge ?

At RECHARGE1, all recharge requests are processed immediately. If you do not receive any confirmation SMS from your mobile operator within 4 hours then please send a mail to mentioning your order number. We’ll be happy to help you!

How long will it take to get refund for my failed recharge transaction ?

For cases where the recharge transaction fails,then money automatically gets added into your R1 Wallet. You can either utilize this amount by recharging again or you can get the same refunded back to your bank account.

While in most cases the refund is received in the bank account within a week, there have been cases where the banks have taken upto 21 days to process the refund. In case there is a delay in receiving the refund in your bank account then it is recommended that you contact your bank directly to check the status of your refund.