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How To Use Cash Rewards / CashBack

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So, Guys as we told you in our previous videos, how you can do mobile/DTH recharge and electricity bill or gas bill or water bill payment & how you can bear the 100% cash rewards benefit from it. Meanwhile, quite some time we are getting a couple of request for like we don't know how to utilize 100% cash rewards what we are getting at Recharge1. So let’s start our today video.

Initially we open Recharge1.com, and today let us start with sign up. To log in own account, click on sign in here, put your mobile number and guys if you remember the password, can login with it. And If not, so guys you can login with One Time Password (OTP) as well. My password is already save here so I’ll login with it only.

As I log in here, a profile display in front of me with my name and there is a button to drop down menu. As I click here, so my account relevant details displayed in front of me. First, the amount in R1 wallet is zero. It is the amount that comes from fail transaction or the refunded amount and deposit here. Second, now cash rewards showing here 4528.51, Its that cash rewards which I earned from Bill payment & recharges. So I've total amount of four thousand five hundred twenty eight rupees and fifty one paisa here.

Today, I'll let you know how you can utilize this cash rewards in Recharge1. First of all, I tell you one thing about it that this amount cannot be used in single shot or order. This amount can be used as an additional discount. As now I’m showing you handbag, I’m buy out a handbag for any of my family member. Like this bag, it costs four thousand ninety nine rupees but Recharge1 is already giving it in three thousand four hundred ninety nine rupees.

Here, I’ll add it in the cart. As I added in the cart, the amount became of three thousand four hundred ninety nine rupees. Now, I go to purchase one more item and I want to purchase any wallet. Here, I see a wallet for myself. Guys, I like this wallet so I'll add it in the cart for me. Now my total amount has been four thousand three hundred forty eight rupees. And I have cash rewards of amount of four thousand five hundred twenty eight rupees and fifty one paisa here.

Now you guys will think about this cash rewards to apply for this amount, fully. So friends, it won't be possible. Here, you get some percentage of it to use that depends on product what you are taking. Depends like that product belongs to Recharge1 or any of our sellers. It will be almost 20% of your amount. Now I click on the proceed button here. It shows address here, if I want that product on other address so you can do it by click on new address. Near to it, shows product and amount. Go ahead with the checkout.

Now friends, total amount showed here i.e. six thousand two hundred ninety eight, this amount is the MRP amount. After it, Price discount which is one thousand nine hundred fifty rupees, which is given us by Recharge1 directly without using cash rewards. And after it, the cash rewards amount eight hundred sixty nine rupees sixty paise that are of total cash rewards amount, utilizing here. So now I will pay the total amount that will be three thousand four hundred seventy eight rupees and forty paisa. Here, my total saving became two thousand eight hundred nineteen rupees and sixty paisa. So friends my cash rewards been utilized here. As I increase purchase amount so this cash rewards will also increase accordingly.

For the mentioned rest amount, I can select any of the payment modes such as debit card, credit card and cash card etc. Now I will place this order by click on here. Friends, as I precede the order, it redirects me to on payment gateway page. Now you can put your bank details here and use the cash rewards. And can successfully purchase products as required. Hope the information given by us, will be beneficiary for you. Good enough for today! Thank you.

Note:- Dear user, Recharge1 cashback offer amount will expire after 6 months if you do not utilize it. please use the Recharge1 cashback offer amount before the expiry date.

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