How to Make Fastag Recharge in the Easiest Way?

 How to Make Fastag Recharge in the Easiest Way?

FASTag facility is a cashless system where the toll fee is deducted electronically from every driver passing through toll booths across the nation. In light of the NHAI’s FASTag model, wherein all toll revenue is gathered digitally with RFID, there is no need for any obedience on your vehicle to stop at the toll booth. On the contrary, FASTag allows you to make your vehicle travel without interruption and make any necessary adjustments to their toll structure. These taxes are collected simply by approaching FASTag without stopping.

FASTag is a reloadable tag required on all four-wheelers for travel across national highways across the country. The FASTag uses RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology to deduct the toll fee from the vehicle owner’s linked prepaid wallet. In addition to making the effect of various offers and discounts by recharging their FASTag on the Recharge1, the FASTag puts you in a better atmosphere due to the decrease in paper and fuel use. 

ATTENTION: Please recharge FASTag on Recharge1 to reduce the use of paper and fuel.

FASTag relieves the user of the need to wait in line to cash a paycheck or to make toll payments using an automated procedure. The use of FASTag benefits both travellers and merchants by speeding up their commutes and eliminating the need to carry a personal wallet for several other travellers’ expenses.

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to recharge FASTag online? There’s no need to look any further than online FASTag Recharge. Our simple service so that you can recharge your FASTag in just minutes. Plus, we offer a range of convenient payment options so you can get your FASTag back on track as quickly as possible. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to recharge your FASTag online, Recharge1 is a perfect choice!

How Can I Make Fastag Recharge Online Instantly At Recharge1?

You can now easily Recharge your FASTag account through Recharge1. By just following the below-explained steps-

  • Click the mention link: FASTag Recharge
  • Next, select your FASTag and the issuer bank.
  • Enter the Car or the Vehicle number linked with your FASTag account
  • Add the amount you want to recharge from and make the payment.
  • sign in/ sign up into your account with your mobile number and OTP.
  • Select any payment methods such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, and R1 Wallet.
  • your FASTag recharge is done buy Recharge1

You can also add money to your FASTag in the following ways-

  • Add money through the bank

At least 35 different banks offer us access to the FASTag system. Visit your bank’s website and look for FASTag. Once you’re on the website, click Recharge FASTag and add money to your FASTag account. Alternatively, you can also download your bank’s mobile application and follow similar instructions to add money to your FASTag account.

  • Add money through other mobile applications.

You should use a mobile payment app to link your FASTag with your prepaid wallet or bank account. Any available electronic payment software form can connect your FASTag with your prepaid wallet or checking account and quickly add money. To add money to your online FASTag, input the access code into your mobile application, go under the ‘New Payment’ option, and tap ‘FASTag.’ Press the FASTag button on your device, and then choose FASTag issuer’s bank and select your car ID. Your FASTag account is linked with your bank accounts, you can easily recharge it by using the respective bank mobile application.

After linking your FASTag account with Recharge1, you’ll be automatically notified of all the transactions and toll deductions. This will allow you to keep track of the money you have spent at toll plazas while traveling. A FASTag is valid for only 5 years. Registering for a FASTag can be completed in a fast and simple manner.

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